Syllabi are available to current and prospective students.

Dr. Raines has taught:

MSCM 7205 General Civil Mediation

MSCM 7705 Domestic Relations Mediation

MSCM 7100 Intro to Conflict Management for Managers (in-person and online)

MSCM 7220 Negotiation Theory & Practice

MSCM 7230 Alternative Dispute Resolution Continuum

MSCM 7320 Environmental, Intercultural & International Conflict Resolution

MSCM 7210 Conflict Theory

MSCM 7400 Research Methods in Conflict Management

MSCM 7335 Advanced Mediation Clinic

MSCM 7365 Organizational Leadership & Conflict Management

MSCM 7315 Workplace Conflict Management

MSCM 7715 Study Abroad for Conflict Management

MSCM 7710 Domestic Conference Experience

MSCM 7600 Fieldwork supervision: Internships & Theses

INCM 9900 Dissertation Supervision

POLS 4490 Special Topics: Legitimate Uses of Violence

POLS 4490: Special Topics: World Peace in Film and Literature

POLS 2700 Intro to International Relations

Through the Center for Conflict Management and Private Consulting, Dr. Raines teaches/trains on the following topics:

Reinventing Performance reviews: using one-on-one time to inspire optimum performance

Barbarians to Bureaucrats: Matching Your Leadership Style to Your Organization’s Life Cycle

Creating a culture of superior customer service/Preventing & Resolving Customer Conflicts 

Negotiation and problem-solving

Mastering Delegation: specific strategies for success

Managing diverse work teams 

Protecting Your Brand and from Predators—- preventing negative behaviors at work

Strategic managerial skills for mid and upper level managers

Leading effective meetings

Building coalitions of support within your organizations

Manager as coach

Crisis prevention and response: Protecting and improving your brand

Strategic Planning

Dealing with Difficult People at Work

Mediation Skills for HR and Management