Sandra Scheier


Sandra Scheier earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the University of South Carolina - Columbia, and her Master of Science in Clinical Psychology at Augusta University. Her interests include stress & coping, health psychology, positive psychology, learning & behavior, abnormal psychology and the concepts of grit and mindfulness. 

She has been teaching psychology for over 20 years. Sandra enjoys psychology immensely and believes it is extremely pertinent to today's world.  Besides teaching, she has worked in the field doing counseling, psychological testing, and case management working with individuals and families. She has done research on love types/relationships with Dr. Keith Davis and was also the research assistant for Dr. Jane Ellis studying learning styles. Sandra is a lover of the outdoors so when she’s not teaching you can usually find her on a tennis court or hiking a mountain.  Her goal as an instructor is to create enjoyable classes by making them stimulating, entertaining, and using relatable, real-life examples.