Teresa Raczek

Raczek field photo photographing siteI am an anthropological archaeologist and I study heritage practice and the early complex societies of South Asia. My methods emphasize engaging local communities and stakeholders in archaeological research. As the Co-Director of the Mewar Plain Archaeological Assessment, I have collaborated with colleagues in India to study community formation and the daily lives of ancient people. Together, we have excavated three sites and conducted a site census in Rajasthan, India. Several KSU students travelled to India with me to participate in these projects and each pursued their own research question to fulfill the practicum requirement. Beyond India, I have excavated in France, New Mexico, Nevada, and Brooklyn and I have analyzed hundreds of thousands of artifacts, with a focus on stone tool technology and raw materials.


I teach Archaeology of Asia, Heritage and Conflict, Engaged Archaeology, Archaeology of Identity, Principles of Archaeology (face-to-face and online), and Archaeological Discoveries and Debates (face-to-face and online). I also supervise Practicums and Directed Applied Research projects related to heritage, anthropology outreach and education, and the archaeology of Asia. Each year, I work with the KSU Student Anthropology Club to offer anthropology and archaeology outreach and education events to the public at Museums, Farmer’s Markets, and Festivals. Students who are interested in these topics are encouraged to contact me to find out more about how to get involved in research or outreach opportunities.