Victoria Lagrange

Picture of Victoria Lagrange 

Dr. Victoria Lagrange is an Assistant Professor of Game Narrative in the Department of English at Kennesaw State University.

Her scholarly interests revolve around the examination of novel storytelling formats and their impact on audience reception and participatory culture. Dr. Lagrange’s scholarship includes multiple published articles, including analyses of the transmedia expansions of Bill Willingham’s Fables, the intricate relationship between violence, empathy, and decision-making in interactive fiction, and the study of user reception of video games. Her recent publications include work in Behavioral and Brain Sciences and PloS ONE.

Additionally, she serves as the director of the Game Narrative Lab at Kennesaw State University, where her team’s focus is on the creation and evaluation of prosocial video games. Their latest game, Corporation, Inc., recently achieved recognition by winning an international critical thinking games competition.