Diana Gregory

Associate Professor | Art Education
MEd, Special Education, University of Georgia College & State University
PhD, Florida State University MS, Florida State University
BFA, San Francisco Art Institute

Biographical Information
Diana Gregory is Associate Professor and Program Coordinator of Art Education at Kennesaw State University. She earned an M.E. in Interrelated Special Education from North Georgia State University and Ph.D. in Art Education from Florida State University. She has exhibited paintings and prints across the country and her recent collaborative performance art piece is the nationally recognized Babes in Crone Land. The Babes show addresses issues of women aging in our culture. A former botanical illustrator and graphic artist, she has conducted workshops and presented lectures concerning the postmodern context of creativity. Her professional training in art therapy has guided her work with children with exceptionalities and adults and children with traumatic brain injury. She has taught in a variety of settings including art galleries, school systems, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes. Her interests include creativity in a postmodern context and across the life span. Educational Philosophy

The process of learning involves a myriad of interactions between students, teachers, the learning environment and the community inhabited. Students are more than passive receptacles of knowledge. Learning is a life-long process. Therefore, the process of education prepares students to educate themselves. I view students as unique individuals who have a natural disposition to learn. As a teacher, I believe that I must creatively construct an environment that promotes the student's natural tendency to grow, to learn and to prosper. Teaching, like learning, is a life-long process that depends on personal discovery, self-awareness, joy and continuing service to the community. To obtain self-knowledge is only half of the goal in life. The other half is to return to society the grace and creative power that I find within myself.

Philosophically, I believe in the positive nature of all beings. As a humanist I believe that the learning environment and community give opportunity to nurture and bring to fruition the interaction of knowledge and practice. From this dynamical systems perspective a synergy is perpetuated which brings forth emergent properties and potentials residing within the human experience during the exploration of mind, body, and soul. Thus, reflection plays an important part in this process as I continue to integrate and individuate.

My life long passion and love of art making and teaching is balanced with an equal love of systems especially organizations and institutions of higher learning, government agencies, and non-profits. Creating a working environment that brings together all stakeholders in our communities will enhance not only the individuals involved but provide the foundation for a good society.