Study Abroad FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the USG Goes Global Programs at KSU

Last Updated for Summer 2021

Q. How do I apply?

A. All KSU students applying for USGGG programs MUST start the application process by contacting the KSU Division of Global Affairs and our assigned representative. Please do not use the APPLY option at the USGGG Website until directed to do so.

Q. How can I get access to advice about Financial Aid?

A. Resources on Financial Aid for study abroad opportunities are available at the DGA Website. Be sure you visit the Division of Global Affairs Financial Aid page at 

You are likely to qualify for the Global Learning Scholarship (if one is available) and many of the External Scholarships listed. The Emerson Scholarship does not apply to programs in Western Europe. Visit the Division of Global Affairs Financial Aid page at

Q. Does study abroad slow down the graduation process?

A. Not necessarily. Since you are taking credit classes overseas, and some Majors may require a study abroad program, you may find study abroad programs can actually speed up your progress. In addition, you may have a future advantage by having this experience which you can highlight during a future job interview.

We encourage students to talk with their faculty advisor or department chair about how a program they are interested in could fit in with their Major program of study. For example, many students can take advantage of the General Education courses offered in USGGG programs. Upper division students may have to be proactive about working with the study abroad faculty and their KSU faculty/chairs to see if opportunities are possible to make scheduled classes fit their individual needs.

Q. In light of all the terrorist attacks recently, how is EC prepared to protect students?

A. We can't protect students from terror attacks any more effectively than the University can protect them from accidents and events at their home campus. Statistics show that they have more chances of being injured at a US campus than being a victim of a terror attack in Europe.  Having said this, we have a very strong and well planned response in case of any kind of civil disorder, including terror attacks.  All students (and faculty) will be trained during the orientation process on how to react in the event of a civil disturbance or terror attack.

Q. Can I work while on a study abroad program to assist with the cost?

A. That is not usually possible unless you are enrolled in a formal internship program. Casual labor is illegal in most host countries without a work visa, which is very hard to get for such a short period of time.  We recommend working in the US before and after going.

Q. How do study abroad courses become credits at KSU?

A. The student doesn't have to take any action once they have contacted the Division of Global Affairs. Registration into your chosen courses is done for you by the DGA. Your summer term registration process will include the program courses you have chosen. After the term is completed, grades will be recorded to your transcript after the Fall term has started. Grades are usually finalized to KSU transcripts in early September.