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Violence; Violent Organizations and Groups; Offender Decision-Making and Criminal Expertise; Malevolent Creativity and Innovation

Select Peer Reviewed Articles

2021   Logan, M.K., Damadzic, A., Medeiros, K., Ligon, G.S., & Derrick, D.C.
“Constraints to malevolent innovation in terrorist attacks.”
Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts (forthcoming)

2020   Logan, M.K., Ligon, G.S., & Derrick, D.C.
“Measuring tactical innovation in terrorist attacks.”
Journal of Creative Behavior. DOI: 10.1002/jocb.420

2020   Hall, M., Logan, M.K., Ligon, G.S., & Derrick, D.C.
“Do machines replicate humans? Towards a unified understanding of radicalizing content on the open social Web.”
Policy and Internet. DOI: /10.1002/poi3.223

2019   Logan, M.K. & Hall, M.
“Comparing crime types: A linguistic analysis of communiqués associated with the animal and earth liberation movement.”
Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict: Pathways toward Terrorism and Genocide. 12(2), 164-181
2019    Sporer, K., Logan, M.K., Ligon, G.S., & Derrick, D.C.
“#JeSuisParis?: An appeal to hypocrisy and justifications for mass casualty violence.”
 Journal of Qualitative Criminal Justice and Criminology, 8(1), 37-56.
2018   Windisch, S., Logan, M.K., & Ligon, G.S.
“Headhunting among violent extremist organizations: An empirical assessment of talent spotting.”
Perspectives on Terrorism, 12(2).
Select Technical Reports and White Papers
2019    Ligon, G.S., Windisch, S., Braun, C.L, Logan, M.K, Derrick, D.C., & Armstrong, G.
“Salafi Jihadist inspired profiles and radicalization clusters (SPARC).”
Final report to the United States Department of Homeland Security. Los Angeles, CA: University of Southern California
2019    Logan, M.K. & Ligon, G.S.
“Using organizational sophistication to predict influence from violent non-state actors.”
In B. Jones and G.S. Ligon (eds.), The Age of Disruption: How Power Shifts Create More Conflict. Washington DC: Strategic Multilayer Assessment
2019    Ligon, G.S. & Logan, M.K.
“Organizational and leadership consolidation and fragmentation in the AFPAK region.”
In H. Cabayan and S. Canna (eds.), Negotiated Settlement in Afghanistan: Elements of a Grand Bargain. Washington DC: Strategic Multilayer Assessment
2017    Ligon, G.S., Logan, M.K., Hall, M., Derrick, D.C., Fuller, J., & Church, S.
“The Jihadi Industry: Assessing the organizational, leadership, and cyber profiles.”
Final report prepared for the Department of Homeland Science and Technology Directorate’s Office of University Programs. College Park, MD: START