Muhammad Salman

                                                      Welcome to my Lab

I have been serving the Mechanical Engineering Department, Kennesaw  State University since Aug 2012. After my PhD from Georgia Institute of Technology, in Dec 2012, I have the honor to serve in the School of Engineering, Southern Polytechnic State University.

I have developed and taught variety of undergraduate courses given below:

·      ENGR 3122 Engineering Mechanics-Dynamics

·      ENGR 3125 Machine Dynamics and Vibrations

·      ME 3201 Product Realization

·      ME 3701 Manufacturing Processes

·      ME 3410 Thermodynamics

·      ME 3501 Dynamic Systems and Control Theory

·      ME 4501 Vibrations & Control Lab

·      ME 1001 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

I have mentored the undergraduate research (Directed study students) in areas such as calculation of material stiffness (E) using wave propagation velocity. The equipment included accelerometer and excitation source (PCB hammer) mainly.