EDUC 8100: Advanced Study of Learning

Prerequisite: Admission to graduate program in education or permission of the adviser.

The course deepens experienced educators’ knowledge of research-based best practices in diverse classrooms. An advanced course with in-depth study of classic and current research on learning theories and related topics in educational psychology as they relate to teaching and learning in schools. Focus is on those theories and research which have transformed and are reforming educational practice.


EDUC 7797: Capstone in Middle and Secondary Grades Education

Prerequisite: EDRS 8000 and EDUC 7700

This course prepares advanced candidates to work under the supervision of faculty to demonstrate their expertise in a focused area of their teaching field through an independent, research-based capstone project. Candidates will also provide evidence of their efforts to transform their practice based on the specific strategies and knowledge bases developed and/or deepened in the program. Course includes 20-hour field experience in an approved educational setting with middle or secondary students.


EDUC 7705: Assessment and Evaluation in the Content Area

Prerequisite: Admission to graduate program in education or permission of the adviser.

This course focuses on planning, constructing, analyzing, and applying educational assessment to document student performance for instructional and accountability purposes. Specific topics include guidelines for the development of traditional assessment questions, including the use of multiple-choice questions to measure critical thinking and problem-solving skills; guidelines and rubrics for the development and scoring of performance, writing and portfolio assessments; assessing affective outcomes; describing, analyzing and refining data to improve assessment; and the application and interpretation of standardized norm and criterion-referenced measures. Additionally, attention will be paid to multicultural assessment procedures and concerns relevant to external assessment programs.


EDUC 6240: Psychological Foundations of Education

Prerequisite: Admission to MAT program

This course is an examination and application of the foundational and emerging psychological theories and research which shape educators’ understanding of their students, as well as their instructional decision making. The course examines topics such as child development, motivation, sociocultural identity, cognition, memory, assessment, and classroom management.


EDUC 2110: Investigating Critical and Contemporary Issues in Education

Prerequisite: ENGL 1102

This course engages potential education candidates in observations and interactions in schools, and analysis of critical and contemporary educational issues. Candidates investigate issues influencing the social and political contexts of educational settings in Georgia and the United States. Candidates actively examine the teaching profession from multiple vantage points both within and outside the school. Against this backdrop, candidates reflect on and interpret the meaning of education and schooling in a diverse culture. Includes the use of current technologies which are directly related to effective teaching and 15 hours of observation and participation in an appropriate school setting elementary/early childhood, middle grades, secondary or P-12 environments. Verification of professional liability insurance and a criminal background check are required prior to receiving a school placement.


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