Rick Garner

Associate Professor of Art Education
PhD, Florida State University
MA, Towson State University
BA, Mary Washington College

Biographical Information
Rick Garner is an Assistant Professor of Art Education in the School of Art and Design. His educational background includes degrees in studio art, psychology, art therapy and art education. These areas inform his practices as a teacher, researcher, and servant to the arts community.

Although his teaching philosophy is grounded in constructivist methodology, he is also versed in behavioral and interdisciplinary approaches to art education. Primary importance in the area of teaching is placed upon the integration of students' life experiences, individual differences and the acquisition of new information relevant to the field. Overall, self-initiation, self-regulation and creative exploration in the development of professional skills is encouraged throughout his courses.

Experiences in working with technology and with individuals with disabilities play a pivotal role in the content of his courses, as well as his research. Research in the areas of graphic development, technology in art education, and visual arts in special education are his current interests. His training in research design and quantitative methodologies guide his collaborative efforts in these areas of study. Students are always invited to play an active part in research endeavors.

His participation in professional organizations includes committee positions with the American Art Therapy Association and the Georgia Art Therapy Association. He also maintains membership in and has given presentations with the Georgia Art Education Association, National Art Education Association and American Psychological Association.