Current Lab Gliders

Undergrads: Juan Vasquez, Gavin Treadaway, Josh Lummus, Jon Levesque. 

Graduate Students: Kayla Stevens, Margot Aldana.

Masked and Unmasked...

in the time of Covid

Former Lab Gliders

Maya Maarouf, Tiajah Sherman, Sarah Beauvais, Kara Kelley, Chirag Patel, Latifat Giwa, Yendami Alexander, Lily Bell, Jasmine Anderson, Britany Murphy, Kameron Downs, Nayeli Maya, Sheltzie Flores, Rooman Karmacharya, Valencia Scales, Daniella Krakue, Simone Dakare, Basirat Olorunlambe, Mia Jones.

Ready to roll...

 Current members

 Former Research students who have continued in the STEM fieldOGs

  • Kara Kelley has obtained a position at Takeda Pharmaceutical as Quality Control Microbiology Analyst. More info can be found here at QuickStart.

  • Tiajah Sherman is currently working as Medical Assistant/Scribe at Thomas Eye Group and is applying to medical school.

  • Sarah Beauvais served as our short-term lab technician and mentor to the research students.