Robert Simon

Headshot September 2020   Lisboa 2003 

Professor of Spanish and Portuguese, Coordinator of Portuguese

Robert Simon (pronouns: he, him, his) holds the title of Professor of Spanish and Portuguese at Kennesaw State University. His publications include: From Post-Mortem to Post-Mystic: Blanca Andreu, Galicia, and the New Iberian Mysticism (2019), To A Nação, with Love: The Politics of Language through Angolan Poetry (2017), The Modern, the Postmodern, and the Fact of Transition: The Paradigm Shift through Peninsular Literatures (2011), and Understanding the Portuguese Poet Joaquim Pessoa, 1942-2007: A Study in Iberian Cultural Hybridity (2008), along with journal articles and book chapters discussing transnational mystical tendencies between Angola, Portugal, and Spain. He has also published almost a dozen collections of poetry, including Ode to Friendship (forthcoming 2021), The Bridge (2019), and The Musician (2017), along with poems in various journals.

As a specialist in Hispanic and Lusophone literatures and cultures, Dr. Simon has instructed courses in Portuguese and Spanish languages, the literatures of the Iberian Peninsula, Angola, and Brazil, as well as seminars on World Languages and Cultures. He enjoys reading, running, spending time with his daughter, and playing the oboe.