Asma Azizi Boroojeni

Photo of Asma BoroojeniI am an applied mathematician specializing in mathematical modeling and analysis of infectious diseases. My main goal is to use computer simulations, mathematical modeling, and data analysis to better predict the transmission dynamics, depending on the transmission mechanism's epidemiological parameters and the complex heterogeneous mixing of agents involved in the transmission process.

Throughout my career, I have tried to foster my knowledge and experience via

  1. Developing mathematical tools in infection transmission modeling,

  2. Collaborating with and informing the public health community on the infection spread, and finding approaches to control them, and

  3. Training and engaging students in research at the interface of mathematics, biology, and public health.

Currently, I am Assistant Professor at Kennesaw State University (KSU), and I am looking for undergraduate students interested in research experiences. A grade of B or above in a differential equations course (MATH 2306) is required. Contact me for more information.