Published Papers


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Technical Reports with My Undergraduate Students

  1. Alharbi, M., Carpenter, J., Jones, V., Sánchez, J., Montalvo, C., Azizi, A., ... & Mubayi, A. (2019). Evaluating the Impact of Vocational Training and Housing Assistance Programs on the Spread and Control of Homelessness in Los Angeles, California.

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  3. Azizi, A., Soto, K. R., & Mubayi, A. A Continuous-risk Model with Heterogeneous Mixing for Understanding Impact of Condom Use on Spread of Sexually Transmitted Infections Among Adolescents.


Grants and Proposals

  • MIDAS-NIH COVID-19 Urgent Grant Program suplemental Funding Award  for Project title: Optimizing COVID-19 Awareness and Testing Strategy