Anisah Bagasra

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Welcome! I have been engaged in teaching psychology for over twelve years at the undergraduate level with a goal of preparing students for graduate-level study as well as entering the workforce. I love working with students on undergraduate research projects, allowing students to build a passion for research. I specifically train students in conducting community-based participatory research with ethnic minority communities. In addition to teaching psychology, I spent a number of years building a psychology program and online degree programs. This has allowed me to see all aspects of higher education from curriculum development to program administration. 

My approach to teaching psychology focuses on 1) Providing an opportunity for students to engage in critical analysis of the material, 2)Ensure that students can apply theories to their own lives or the world around them, and 3) address issues of culture, diversity, and inclusion in the discipline. I like to use the classroom as a platform to explain concepts and theories, provide examplesthat demonstrate those concepts, and open up discussion to push students’ to think  and react to the information being provided. I also use problem-based and community-based learning techniques to allow students to examine specific issues in depth.