Why do we Have Quizzes Before we Discuss the Readings?

  There are three reasons why the readings quizzes occur BEFORE the class discussion of the assignment.
        First, at the most basic level, students would have much less of an incentive to read the material if class discussion preceded the quiz.  It would be possible to listen to class discussion and "fake" your way through the quiz without having done the reading.  This is hardly fair to more conscientious students.
        Second, the quizzes pave the way for discussion by introducing topics that we will discuss in class after the quiz is over
        Third (and this is probably the most important reason), when students study effectively for the quiz, they will prioritize information more effectively and develop better analytical and critical reasoning skills.  In other words, by trying to predict what topics the quiz might cover, you will develop a much better understanding of the central issues of each reading assignment.