Modern Dance (Levels 2-4): Utilizes release-based techniques with an emphasis on floorwork and somatic experimentation. (Fall18, Spr19, Fall19, Spr20, Fall 20, Spr21, Spr22)                                                        

Dance Pedagogy: Provides hands on teaching opportunities for future educators, imparting skills to navigate and celebrate a world of diverse learners. (Spr20, Spr21, Spr22)

Dance Improvisation: Reflects on the past, present, and future of improvisational dance while offering a safe space for exploration, research, analysis, and play. (Fall18, Fall22)

Dance Filmmaking: Filmmakers explore and create from diverse perspectives as they gain hands on skills in cinematography, directing, and editing. (Spr19, Spr20, Fall21)

Choreography 1: An exploration of the solo form through foundational skills in dance composition. Individuals examine their relationship to creative choice-making as they build and perform movement studies. (Fall18, Fall19, Fall20, Fall21)

Dancer Wellness: (Original Special Topics Course) Students explore embodied wellness through synchronous morning movement sessions, and asynchronous research modules that explore health topics relevant to dance professionals. (Sum20, Sum21, Sum22)

Dance Collaborations: (Original Special Topics Course) Students research and utilize the creative process as they collaborate with artists from across various mediums. (Sum19)