Graduate Students
Master’s students join the laboratory through Kennesaw State University's Master of Science in Integrative Biology Program.
Prospective students should contact Dr. Haddow and provide:
1)    A summary of their research interests
2)   A current CV

Undergraduate Students

I am actively recruiting highly motivated undergraduate students (primarily freshman, sophomores, and juniors) to work in the laboratory. Students will need to be willing to dedicate 10 hours a week, for two semesters (including one summer). Research opportunities include both field and laboratory work to investigate arthropod-borne viruses (arboviruses).

Interested students should contact Dr. Haddow and provide:
1)    A brief summary of why they would like to join the laboratory
2)   An unofficial transcript
3)   A current resume

Undergraduate Credit for Research Activities

Students may earn credit through Directed Methods (BIOL 3110) or Directed Study (BIOL 4400). Students must meet any prerequisites and have Dr. Haddow’s approval prior to enrolling in either course. Both Directed Methods (BIOL 3110) and Directed Study (BIOL 4400) have their own course requirements.