QA 6650 Quality Systems Design 3-0-3

Prerequisites: QA 6602

Quality Systems Design prepares students for the development of the quality organization, systems and procedures necessary for effective participation in world markets.  Creating and documenting methods and procedures are stressed.

QA 6640 Quality Cost and Supplier Evaluation 3-0-3

Prerequisites: QA 6602

A detailed analysis of cost reductions involved in continuous improvement. Supplier evaluation, including quality audits, is reviewed to establish capability.  The concept of partnerships is explored.

QA 6600 Methods of Analysis 3-0-3

Prerequisites: None

A study of the analytic processes required to identify, document, define and measure requirements and limitations for any operating system.  Class work will focus on identifying, describing and measuring existing manufacturing and service systems.  Methods available for system improvement will be investigated.

QA 6725 Quality Assessment of the Organization 3-0-3

Prerequisites: QA 6602

Course covers the history and rationale behind various Quality Assessment systems, with particular emphasis on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.  Students will interpret and apply the criteria and assess organizations through case studies.

QA 6602 Total Quality 3-0-3

Prerequisites: None

This course is a study of the functions and responsibilities of the quality organization. TQM concepts, quality function deployment, and the tools for continuous improvement are analyzed for sequence of use and application. Emphasis is placed on design and performance aspects of a system-wide quality assurance function.