Dr. Edwards joined the Mathematics & Statistics department as an instructor of mathematics in 2002.  In 2008 she earned her PhD in Mathematics Teaching & Learning from Georgia State University.  During 2009-2012, she served as undergraduate secondary mathematics program coordinator.  During her tenure as undergraduate program coordinator, the program received NCATE accreditation.  Dr. Edwards served as lead author of the undergraduate report which was selected to serve as an exemplar for other programs to follow.  Before joining KSU, Dr. Edwards taught middle and high school mathematics in Florida, community college mathematics in Iowa, and supervised mathematics pre-service teachers at the University of Iowa. 

Currently, Dr. Edwards teaches mathematics methods and mathematics teacher courses at the undergraduate and graduate level, general undergraduate mathematics courses, and supervision of student teachers.  She advises students who are interested in pursuing a degree and certification in teaching mathematics.  She facilitates professional development for in-service mathematics teachers.  Her case-study research is grounded in the preparation and retention of effective teachers of mathematics for urban, suburban, rural, and high-need schools.  Her research examines pre-service teacher identity/dispositions towards becoming a culturally and linguistically responsive mathematics teacher for high-need school districts to determine the impact their preparation has on retention and mathematics teaching.   As co-principal investigator of the Robert Noyce Increasing Mathematics for ALL students (IMTAS), her work in mathematics teacher education and research is supported by the National Science Foundation.