My future research efforts will focus on the following topics:

Utilizing Biometric Data to Enhance Network Security on Body Area Sensor Networks (BASNs)
The security requirements for wireless BASNs are stringent, because of the sensitive medical data that is being exchanged between sensors. Traditional security paradigms used for conventional wireless networks have been found to be unsuitable for wireless BASNs, because of the extreme resource constraints of these networks. The integration of biometric traits into the mechanism for secure communication has been proposed as means of providing a more energy efficient method for network security for wireless BASNs. Research in this area will investigate novel coding schemes and the suitability of non-ECG based biometric traits for sensors that are not equipped to capture ECG data.

Cooperative and active learning strategies that improve academic performance in an online environment
This study will investigate which cooperative and active learning strategies will result in improved academic performance of students and which online technologies will be most effective in implementing these strategies.