Carol Chrestensen

Detailed Research Interests

My laboratory investigates the regulation of MAP KAP and MAP Kinase pathways. Our current focus is on how these pathways interact with endothelial nitric oxide signaling and impact production of nitric oxide.

Recent Graduates  - 2016

2016 Graduation

Keng Wai, Myles Robinson, Me, Matt McInturff   



Selected Publications

Salerno, J.C., Ngwa, V.M., Nowak, S.J., Chrestensen, C.A., Healey, A.N., McMurry, J.L., (2016) Novel cell penetrating peptide-adaptors effect intracellular delivery and endosomal escape of protein cargos, J Cell Sci., Mar 1;129(5):893-7. Epub 2016 Jan 22. doi: 10.1242/jcs.182113.

Salerno, J.C., Ghosh, D.K., Razdan, R., Helms, K.A., Brown, C.C.*, McMurry, J.L., Rye, E.A.*, Chrestensen, C.A., (2014) Endothelial nitric oxide synthase is regulated by ERK phosphorylation at S602, Biosci Rep. 2014, 34(5): e00137. Published online 2014 Sep 17, doi: 10.1042/BSR20140015

Chrestensen, C. A., McMurry, J. L., and Salerno, J. C., (2012) Map kinases bind endothelial nitric oxide synthases, FEBS Open Bio. Feb 2012,

McMurry JL, Chrestensen CA, Scott IM*, Lee EW*, Rahn AM*, Johansen AM*, Forsberg BJ*, Harris KD*, Salerno JC., (2011) Rate, affinity and calcium dependence of nitric oxide synthase isoform binding to the primary physiological regulator calmodulin, FEBS J.;278(24):4943-54.

Chrestensen, C. A., M. J. Schroeder, J. Shabanowitz, D. F. Hunt, J. W. Pelo, M. T. Worthington, and T. W. Sturgill. "MAPKAP kinase 2 phosphorylates tristetraprolin on in vivo sites including Ser178, a site required for 14-3-3 binding." J Biol Chem 279, no. 11 (2004): 10176-84.

Chrestensen, C. A., and T. W. Sturgill. "Characterization of the p90 ribosomal S6 kinase 2 carboxyl-terminal domain as a protein kinase." J Biol Chem 277, no. 31 (2002): 27733-41.

Chrestensen, C. A., D. W. Starke, and J. J. Mieyal. "Acute cadmium exposure inactivates thioltransferase (Glutaredoxin), inhibits intracellular reduction of protein-glutathionyl-mixed disulfides, and initiates apoptosis." J Biol Chem 275, no. 34 (2000): 26556-65.