Chetan Dhital

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I am an experimental condensed matter physicist. My research work focuses on investigation and understanding of the materials and phenomena that are interesting due to underlying physics and due to potential technological applications. More specifically I work on family of non-centrosymmetric  compounds that host properties such as multiferroicity, superconductivity and magnetic skyrmions, and Weyl fermions. The experimental techniques include bulk single crystal synthesis, magnetic and electrical properties measurements (susceptibility, magnetization, and resistivity), neutron and x-ray scattering. Neutron scattering experiments are performed in different national laboratories around the world, mostly at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TN.   

I was born in Nepal, a small beautiful country in between India and China. After completing master degree in physics from Nepal, I came to USA to pursue higher studies in Physics. I finished PhD in Physics from Boston College in 2014 under the supervision of prof. Stephen Wilson. I spent one year at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and three years at Louisiana State University (advisor Prof. John DiTusa, LACNS program) as postdoctoral associate before joining Kennesaw State University in 2018.

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Selected Publications (For complete list of publications click here.

1.Dhital, C., Yamani, Z., Tian, W., Zeretsky, J., Sefat, A.S., Wang, Z., Birgeneau, R.J. and Wilson, S.D., 2012. Effect of uniaxial strain on the structural and magnetic phase transitions in BaFe 2 As 2. Physical review letters, 108(8), p.087001.

2.Dhital, C., Hogan, T., Zhou, W., Chen, X., Ren, Z., Pokharel, M., Okada, Y., Heine, M., Tian, W., Yamani, Z. and Opeil, C., 2014. Carrier localization and electronic phase separation in a doped spin-orbit-driven Mott phase in Sr 3 (Ir 1–x Ru x) 2 O 7. Nature communications, 5, p.3377.

3.Dhital, C., DeBeer-Schmitt, L., Zhang, Q., Xie, W., Young, D.P. and DiTusa, J.F., 2017. Exploring the origins of the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in MnSi. Physical Review B, 96(21), p.214425.

4.Dhital, C., Khan, M.A., Saghayezhian, M., Phelan, W.A., Young, D.P., Jin, R.Y. and DiTusa, J.F., 2017. Effect of negative chemical pressure on the prototypical itinerant magnet MnSi. Physical Review B, 95(2), p.024407.

5.Dhital, C., de La Cruz, C., Opeil, C., Treat, A., Wang, K.F., Liu, J.M., Ren, Z.F. and Wilson, S.D., 2011. Neutron scattering study of magnetic phase separation in nanocrystalline La 5/8 Ca 3/8 MnO 3. Physical Review B, 84(14), p.144401.

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