Carole Maugé-Lewis

Professor | Graphic Communications 
MFA, Howard University 
BFA, Howard University

Educational Philosophy
With graphic design being such a powerful and dynamic discipline for solving visual problems, my focus is on the students' understanding of and the ability to apply the design elements and principles to develop solutions that deliver clear messages to the right audiences. They must understand and explore typographic form, syntax and communication, with meticulous attention being paid to page layout and composition.

In the classroom, I encourage students to commit to researching and looking at all sides of the problem to find the most effective solutions. This is accomplished by building a strong foundation of problem-solving and effective critiquing skills along with thoughtful strategic plans. Positive critique and articulation of concepts help to develop a strong design vocabulary and are very important during the design process. Of course, thumbnails, roughs and comps are all part of that process.
Mastery of the ever-changing technology calls for excellent technical skills for every graphic designer and so the student must become proficient in these skills by constant practice. 

Graphic design takes a highly motivated, disciplined and strategic thinker who looks within the problem to find the right solution, with the goal being to design effective solutions that deliver thought-provoking and meaningful messages to audiences across multiple media formats. The ultimate goal however, is to produce students who are motivated to become critical thinkers, understand design thinking and have a passion for visual communication. I believe that my teaching philosophy over the years has become more effective as I have matured. I also know that I have a very patient and nurturing teaching style.