Read the required articles/readings that are linked below to correspond to the topic/unit being studied.

Note: some web references are resources only and are not linked; some are required readings; some are providing the online access for information from the web that has been saved in a word or other document and may be linked under articles or elsewhere.

Some are required, some are optional but highly recommended by instructor.

  • 1st Class

    Topic/Unit: Unit 1: Introduction to Art

    Assignment: Beginning Assignments 123

    Article: Usborne #1  #2   #3   #4

  • 2nd Class

    Topic/Unit: What is art

    Assignment: Heraldry Project

    Article: Symbols in art a&a

  • 3rd Class

    Topic/Unit: subject matter, Elements & Principles

    Article: Art before and after 1800 an historic overview: Is it ART or N ART archive by Michael Atlee


    Required - go to; Question: What is Art? (Form & Content)

    (www for Is it ART


  • 4th Class

    Topic/Unit: Elements & Principles; Composition

    Assignment: (relate info to your Heraldry sketches that were returned and finish the entire assignment for next class.)

    Article: What is Art About? Nancy Doyle

    External/Web/Etc: (Introduction to the Elements of Design)excellent basics; also reference an interactive textbook Art, Design, and Visual Thinking- read to have a more comprehensive understanding on how we perceive art, the components of art, etc. (20 plus pages read online)

  • 4th Class

    Topic/Unit: Analyzing Art; Feldman Method

    Article: How to Analyze Art paraphrased Laura Chapman by powayusd

    (online access to How to Analyze Art Analysis/summary.htm)

  • 5th Class
  • 6th Class

    Topic/Unit: Public Art


    SERRA Q. 1. How would you describe Serra's work to someone who has not seen the program?,

    SERRA Q. 2. Serra must consult and/or collaborate with a number of people to realize his ideas (e.g., engineers, steelworkers, riggers, crane operators, police)...a.  What are some advantages and disadvantages of these collaborations?..... b. How do you think such collaboration changes the definition of what an artist is and does?

    SERRA Q. 3. how would you- based on your major, assist the artist Serra to "create", plan, finance, construct, and install his artwork/sculptures?

    Article: Richard Serra 07NYT

  • 7th Class

    Topic/Unit: Art History




    1. What is an art blockbuster?

    2. what are the pros and cns?

    3. what do you think- good or not- what benefit to you? What do you think is the future of the blockbuster?



    External/Web/Etc: (online access to entire document at:

  • 8th Class

    Topic/Unit: Greek


    Article: Elgin Marbles

    External/Web/Etc: search Elgin Marbles

  • 11th Class

    Topic/Unit: New UNIT #3 Middle Ages-Reniassance

    Assignment: ** all past work due now. (Midterm grades due Th Oct 7.) Read Textbook 24-45

    Article: all assignments due: exception for Museum Reports if student has notified instructor they are coming in Oct.

  • 17th Class

    Topic/Unit: Test Unit #3

  • 18th Class

    Assignment: Read textbook see message bd.


    Project Overview 21st Century Art: a 21st Century Artist, or type of art ; Make project selection; look for an artist or an idea, concept or type of art to focus on. go to for current artists of interest. the artist (architect, ) you select must be recognized by the 'art establishment,' and they must have exhibited in a gallery, museum, or biennial; they must have articles that review their work that you will reference as part of your evaluation. Bring to class next week. Format for typed proposal submission for your project:

    1. a. your name and major b. partner's name & major

    2.(c.) Selection/ideas: 1st, 2nd, choice.

    3. (d) Why you selected this topic, medium, artist, architect etc. (What is your interest, etc. The general area. Particular medium, type of art, style, concept, objectives, motivation, message, medium ...of the artist/architect etc.)

    4. Where you looked and found basic information/ where you can go to do additional research. ( PBS Art 21, internet search, magazine, professional journal, Museum web site, etc.)( also list below linked)

    **you may propose an alternative project see mess bd**

    21st Century Artist List: #, * want selected for each class

    21st Century Artist List assorted with names from 20th

  • 19th Class

    Assignment: Read textbook

    Article: What is Modernism

    External/Web/Etc: What is Modernism

  • 20th Class

    Assignment: Read Textbook

    Article: Project directions Part 1,2,3,

    External/Web/Etc: Project information & examples also see research tab

  • 21st Class

    Article: Project template

    External/Web/Etc: Project information: see research project tab

  • 22nd Class

    Topic/Unit: Test #4 Unit 4

    External/Web/Etc: 4 seminal artists of Post Imp influence modernism

  • 23rd Class

    Assignment: Project due MW* order Part 1,2,3 & if using ppt for presentation a handout version 6 to a page, returned first submission with instructors comments


  • 24th Class

    Assignment: Project Due TTH- see order above*

    Article: 20th Cent Study Guide Chart


    links to: beginnings of 20th Century Art video clip list-some viewed in class others FYI, Video link

  • 25th Class

    Topic/Unit: Test #5 Unit 5

    Assignment: bring 1 pg chart and textbook