Danica Kulibert

Dr. Danica Kulibert

Dr. Danica Kulibert (https://namedrop.io/danicakulibert) is an assistant professor in the Psychology Science Department. They are a social psychologists and the lab director for the Social Perceptions and Intergroup Relations (SPAIR) Lab (https://www.danicajk.com/spair-lab). She often uses Social Identity Theory and Intergroup Contact Theory to better understand how the groups people are a part of impact their perceptions of the world. Currently, Dr. Kulibert conducts research focusing on four broad domains.

1. Perceptions of Discrimination and Sexual Harassment: What are potential barriers victims with different social identities face when coming forward with discrimination and/or sexual harassment claims?

2. Understanding Meta-Perceptions: How do meta-perceptions (i.e., how one social group thinks another social group views them) impact prejudice reduction methods?

3. Political Attitudes and Behaviors: How well can social psychology concepts and interventions be applied to political context?

4. Applied Invention Assessment: How well do social psychology theories and research methods translate to applied settings (e.g., workplaces, hospitals, colleges)?