Currently Active Studies - Volunteers Needed


Research Overview

The focus of our research team is on muscle function and neuromuscular physiology and the effects of aging, fatigue. We also have a keen interest in female specific muscle health and physiology, and sex differences. This research involves collaboration between undergraduate and graduate students as well as other faculty in a collaborative setting that emphasizes critical thinking and hands-on experience. We use several laboratory tools to comprehensively investigate neuromuscular properties such as muscle strength, muscle explosiveness, skeletal muscle size, skeletal muscle quality, muscle activation, and central nervous system function.

Research Assistance

There is the potential for students to join our team as a volunteer. Academic credit may be earned through ES 3398: Internship in Exercise Science or BIOL 4400: Directed Study. If an ES major, assisting with research can be used towards your required 1 credit hour internship. If sincerely interested in assisting with research, contact me at

Select Publications (* indicates student first-author)

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Smith, T.M.*, Hester, G.M., Ha, P.L., Olmos, A.A., Stratton, M.T., VanDusseldorp, T.A., Feito, Y., Dalton, B.E. (2020). Sit-to-Stand Kinetics and Correlates of Performance in Young and Older Males. Arch Gerontol Geriatr.

Hester, G.M., Ha, P.L., Dalton, B.E., VanDusseldorp, T.A., Olmos, A.A., Stratton, M.T., Bailly, A.R., Vroman, T.M. (2020). Rate of force development as a predictor of mobility in older adults. J Geriatr Phys Ther.

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Olmos, A.A.*, Stratton, M.T., Ha, P.L., VanDusseldorp, T.A., Bailly, A.R., Feito, Y., Mangine, G.T., Poisal, M.J., Jones, J.A., Dalton, B.E., Smith, T.M., Hester, G.M. (2019). Neuromuscular function of the plantar flexors and predictors of peak power in middle-aged and older males. Exp Gerontol. 125. 110677.

Research Equipment

Biodex Dynamometer

- Measures strength and velocity for various muscle groups during isometric, isokinetic, and eccentric muscle actions


Muscle and Nerve Stimulation/ Non-invasive Transcutaneous Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

Digitimer constant current stimulator used for electrical stimulation of nerve or muscle for the study of involuntary contractions to determine muscle and nervous system changes. TMS stimulates motor cortex to study corticospinal adjustments.



- Provides measures of skeletal muscle size and quality








Portable Force Plate and Wireless EMG

- Measures ground reaction forces and muscle activation during practical movements (chair rise, jumping)

force place and trigno

Biodex Balance

- Measures postural stability and provides fal risk index during static and dynamic tests

Biodex balance