My line of research primarily examines areas related to occupational health psychology and well-being.  One goal of my research is to examine how job resources and personal resources are linked to workers' mental health and well-being (e.g., stress, work engagement, job boredom, positive affect). The understanding of the antecedent and consequences of diverse forms of well-being is crucial for the design and implementation of health promotion initiatives in the workplace. In my research, I have explored the role of meaning at work, psychological capital, job crafting, engagement, and resilience as effective mechanisms to promote well-being. To accomplish this, I use diverse quantitative methods incorporating samples from a broad range of occupations (e.g., teachers, social workers, customs officers, among others) and have established interdisciplinary and international collaborations. 

Areas of interest

Occupational health psychology, employees’ and students’ well-being, workplace health and well-being, work and academic engagement, psychological capital, resilience, interventions.  

Selected publications 

De Pedro Serbia, Z., Sánchez-Cardona, I., & Rivera-Colón, E. (in press). Bienestar laboral en el sector público: Colaboración interdisciplinaria para el mejoramiento organizacional. In J. Morales-Cruz, I. Serrano-García, K. Baerga-Santini, I. Sánchez-Cardona, M. Figueroa-Rodríguez (Eds.), Psicología en Puerto Rico: Desafíos contextuales y retos para la acción. Asociación de Psicología de Puerto Rico. 

Vera, M., & Sánchez-Cardona, I. (in press). Is it your engagement or mine? Linking supervisors’ engagement to employee performance. International Journal of Human Resources Management. 

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(* student co-author)

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