With the aim of fostering equity and justice for immigrant multilingual learners in and out of school contexts, Dr. Choi's research focuses on two connected areas: Culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) learners’ language and literacy practices as well as the preparation of teachers of Birth-12 CLD learners. Her research is rooted in sociocultural and sociopolitical perspectives on language and literacy, whose lens allows her to explore the ways in which language, culture, identity, agency, power, and ideology affects learning and teaching.

Areas of Research:

Second Language Education; Bi/tri-lingual education and tri-literacy development; Multilingual/Multimodal Adolescent Literacy Practices and Identity; ESL/Language Teacher Education; Multicultural Education


Refereed Journal Articles

Choi, J. (forthcoming). Navigating tensions and leveraging identities: A young trilingual child’s emerging language ideologies. Journal of Language, Identity, and Education.

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Chapters in Books 

Angay-Crowder, T., Choi, J., & Tinker Sachs, G. (2021). Three ELT transnational practitioners’ identities and critical practice through teaching and research. In R. Jain, B. Yazan, & S. Canagarajah (Eds.). Transnational identities and practices in English Language Teaching. Multilingual Matters.

Choi, J. (2014). A beginning professor’s linguistic and teaching identity. In G. Tinker Sachs & G. Verma (Eds.). Critical Mass in the Teacher Education Academy: Symbiosis and Diversity (pp. 87-97). Champaign, IL: Common Ground Publishing.

Refereed Book Reviews

Choi, J., Park, J.*, Shin, J.*, Pang, M.*, & Cho, A.* (2018). [Review of the book The translanguaging classroom: Leveraging student bilingualism for learning, by O. García, S. Ibarra Johnson, & K. Seltzer]. TESOL Journal, 9(3), 557-559.
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Choi, J., & Pang, M.* (2015, November 12). [Review of the book Children's literature in second language learning, edited by J. Bland & C. Lütge]. Teachers College Record. (by invitation)

Refereed Creative Works
Choi, J. (Fall 2018). Multilingual self: Inspired by a recent trip to Peru. GATESOL in Action Journal [Poetry]. Volume 1, Accessed from
Choi, J. (Spring/Summer 2018). To my trilingual preschoolers. Ubiquity: The Journal of Literature, Literacy and the Arts, Creative Works Strand, 5(1), 16. Accessed from

Manuscripts under Review or under Revision 

Shin, J., Khote, N., Lew, S., & Choi, J. (under review). Optimizing practica in teacher education for TESOL. 

Choi, J., Angay-Crowder, T., & Shin, J. (under review). Affordances and challenges of translanguaging pedagogy: Perspectives of two in-service content area teachers. 
Lew, S., & Choi, J. (under review). Early childhood educators’ teaching practices of culturally and linguistically diverse children in South Korea. 

Choi, J. (under review). Translingual writing of a multilingual child in and out of school. 
Choi, J. (under review). Two U.S. English language teachers’ negotiation of privilege, marginalization, and legitimacy in South Korea.

Lew, S., & Choi, J. (under review). Migrant mothers’ heritage language education in South Korea: Complex and agentive navigation of capital and language ideologies.

Choi, J. (under review). From trilingualism to triliteracy: A trilingual child learning to write simultaneously in Korean, Farsi, and English.

Angay-Crowder, T., Park, J., Pang, M., Choi, J., Cho, A., & Shin, J. (under review). In-service teachers’ positioning and critical language awareness as teachers of multilingual learners. 


Selected Awards & Honors:

The Madhuri And Jagdish N. Sheth Faculty Award for Distinguished International Achievement, 2021
The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL)
Kennesaw State University
The 2021-2022 BCOE Outstanding International Engagement Award 
Bagwell College of Education 
Kennesaw State University

Selected Grants:

FY22 OVPR Research/Scholarship Seed Grants, 2021 
Proposed project: “Enhancing Teaching and Learning in a New Korean-English Dual Language Immersion (DLI) Program in Georgia”
The Office of Research (OoR)
Kennesaw State University 

FY22 Sponsored Postdoctoral Researcher (funded to hire a full-time postdoc for 2021-2022)
The Office of Research (OoR)
Kennesaw State University 

The 2021-2022 BCOE Research Grants, 2021 
Proposed project: “Anti-bias multicultural lessons through children’s picture books in South Korea”
Bagwell College of Education
Kennesaw State University 
The 2020-2021 BCOE Research/Scholarship Program, 2020 
Application: “Research on a Korean Dual Language Immersion (DLI) program in Georgia”
Bagwell College of Education 
Kennesaw State University