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What skills are needed for employment in environmental science and ecology related fields?

A KSU committee investigating careers in environmental science surveyed local and regional firms and agencies several years ago.  Several respondents indicated that the market was competitive and candidates success required internships and "hands-on" experiences. Professional/scientific writing skills and quantitative skills (statistical analysis and sample design) were rated high. According to the Environmental Careers Organization, "the more science-oriented and more specialized your degree, the more competitive you will be" in their placement program. 

Where are the jobs?

Specific trends in the job market for environmental graduates are difficult to predict because the environmental field is  dependent on the current political climate. However, the need for expertise within the environmental field will continue regardless of what drives environmental compliance.  Based on a survey of graduates from environmental programs, no single type of employer for environmental graduates was dominant. Thirty percent were employed by government agencies, 19% by non-profit agencies, 4% by semi-government agencies, 20% by private small business, 12% by corporations/industry, and 13% by science/academia (145 programs providing information on placement).

Resources at KSU 

  • B.S. in Environmental Science or in Biology focusing on environmentally oriented electives: Ecology, Freshwater Ecology, Aquatic Biodiversity, Methods in Aquatic Ecology, etc.
  • KSU's Environmental Studies Degree Program 
  • Geographical Information Systems certification
  • Directed Studies and Internships

Get a feel for yourself; do the research! 

  • Environmental Jobs and Careers-  A great web site that links you to the employment opportunity pages of 100's of environmental employers. Search by state or type of employer.
  • Environmental Career Opportunities A publication listing many current environmental jobs. 
  • For those interested in the natural resource arena. The Department of Agriculture has quite a few entry positions open in the Forest Service. These are mainly in the Biological Science and Forestry Technician tracks. Both are broad categories that include plant, wildlife, range, and natural resources management. 
  • Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences Job Board (Texas A&M)  List jobs and internships in wildlife biology, fisheries, conservation biology, environmental education....