Selected Publications 

Resarch Area 1: Immigrant Children & Families (particularly focusing on Korean American children/Korean immigrant families)

Wee, S., Kim, S., & Kim, J. (2022, online first). “Don’t bully! We are all different”: Pedagogical potential of early critical literacy with bullying-themes. Journal of Early Childhood Research.
Kim, J. (2021). Wrestling with dilemmas, vulnerabilities, and hopes: Being an immigrant mother and a transnational teacher educator. In Kitchen, J., Tidwell, D. & Fitzgerald, L. (Eds.). Self-study and diversity III: Inclusivity and diversity in teacher education  (Ch.4, pp. 61-78). Brill Publisher.
Kim, J., Wee, S. & Meacham, S. (2021). What is missing in our teacher education practices: A collaborative self-study of teacher educators with  children during the COVID-19 pandemic. Studying Teacher Education.17(1), 22-37.
Lim, M., Kim, J., & Lee, K.  (2021).  Subcontracted mothering: A discourse on professionalism in childcare in South Korea. European Early Childhood Education Research. 29(6), 895-909.
Kim, J., Wee, S., & Kim, K. (2018). Walking the roads as immigrant mothers and teacher educators: A collaborative self-study of three Korean immigrant early childhood educators. Studying Teacher Education. 14(1), 1-17. DOI: 10.1080/17425964.2017.1411255
Kim, J. (2014). “You don’t need to be mean. We’re friends, right?”: Young Korean-American children’s conflicts and references to friends. Journal of Early Childhood Research, 12(3), 279-293.
Kim, J., & Lee, K. (2011) “What’s your name?” Names, naming practices, and contextualized self of young Korean-American children. Journal of Research in Childhood Education. 25(3), 211-217.
Kim, J. (2011). Korean immigrant mothers’ perspectives: The meanings of a Korean heritage language school for their children’s American early  schooling experiences. Early Childhood Education Journal. 39, 133-141 

Research Area 2: Children Experiencing Homelessness  in Teacher Education & Curriculum

Kim, J. (2020). Homelessness as difficult knowledge in early childhood education. Early Childhood Education Journal, 48(6), 851-823.
Kim, J., & Wee, S. (2020). Silent voices of homelessness: Content analysis of homelessness in children’s picture books published in the U.S. between 1990-2016. Early Child Development and Care. 190(3), 364-375.
Kim, K., & Kim, J. (2017). Going beyond the gap between theory and practice: Rethinking teacher reflection with poststructural insights. Journal  of Early Childhood Teacher Education, 38(4), 289-303.
Kim, J. (2013). Against the unchallenged discourse of homelessness: Examining view of early childhood pre-service teachers, Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education. 34(4), 291-307.
Kim, J. (2013). Confronting invisibility: Pre-service teachers’ perspectives toward homeless children. Early Childhood Education Journal. 41(2), 161-169. 

Research Area 3: Qualitative Research

Meacham, S., Kim, J., Wee, S., Kim, K. (2021, online first). ReZoomⓒing our academic home using the suda approach. Qualitative Inquiry 
Kim, J., & Lim, M. (2013). Culturally responsive research methods: A reflection on two ethnographic studies of Korean immigrant children and parents in the U.S. International Journal of Early Childhood Education, 19(1), 5-21

Forthcoming Publications:

Kim, J. (forthcoming, November 2022). Maintaining a heritage language in the early years: Struggles and dilemmas of Korean immigrant mothers with emergent bilingual children. In Cho, H & Song, K. (Eds.).  Korean as a heritage language: Research on teaching and learning from translingual perspectives. Routledge. 
Kim, J. (accepted). Here and now with difficult knowledge: Asian American children’s lived experiences on anti-Asian racism. In Eizadirad, A., & Trifonas, P. (Eds.). The International Handbook of Anti-Discriminatory Education. Springer. 

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    • Bagwell College of Education Research Grant Award, 2022-2023, KSU, GA
    • Kennesaw State University 2021 Summer Research Fellow, KSU, GA
    • Bagwell College of Education Research Scholarship Award 2020-2021, KSU, GA
    • Bagwell College of Education  Research Fellowship Award 2019-2020, KSU, GA
    • Barbara A. Sizemore Scholars Program Research Fellow, 2010-2012, Duquesne Universiy, PA 
    • Presidential Scholarship Award, 2010, Duquesne University, PA