I teach the following courses, depending upon the semester:

  • Foundations of Game Design (CGDD2002)
  • Application Extension and Scripting (CGDD3103)
  • Digital Media and Interaction (CGDD4003)
  • Mobile and Casual Game Development (CGDD4203)
  • Education and Serious Game Design (CGDD4303)
  • Data Modeling and Simulation (CGDD4703)
  • Studio (CGDD4803)
  • Capstone (CGDD4814)
  • Programming and Problem Solving 1 and 2 (CSE1301 and CSE1302)
  • Operating Systems (CS3243/CS5243)
  • Data Structures (CS3424)
  • Computer Graphics and Multimedia (CS4363/CS6353)
  • Special Topics (CGDD4903, CS4903, CS6903)
    • Topics in the past have included iOS development and parallel GPGPU programming
  • Honors Research (HNRS2001, HNRS3002, and HNRS4903)
    • Topics in the past have included interactive fiction development, parallel game engine design, and gamification of learning