Joe Remillard

Professor | Drawing and Painting
MFA, University of Georgia JD, Albany Law School
BA, Siena College

Biographical Information
Mr. Joseph Remillard is a professor of drawing and painting. Although he practiced law for several years in New York, his desire to create art led him to return to school to earn an M.F.A. Degree. Recent accomplishments in his painting career have included the creation of two public murals in 2001 in the Atlanta area, one of which is a 10 x 24 foot image located in the lobby of 260 Peachtree Street.

In teaching, he strives to nurture a passion for creation. In the foundation drawing and painting classes, he stresses traditional techniques, particularly the technique of training the eye to see shape and volume accurately. Mr. Remillard agrees with the nineteenth century Russian painter, Fechin, who analogized painting to traveling. He observed that a painter without traditional training is like a tourist leaving home without his luggage: he will probably have to turn back to get it if he wants to go very far. In his advanced classes he stress individual expression and content. He tells students that their greatest challenge will not be mastering techniques; that will come in time. Rather the greatest challenge will be deciding what to depict, reminding them that art is a window to one's soul.

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