Publications (Peer-reviewed)

  • Lead author, “Capturing the Zeitgeist: Preserving American Music and Culture in the Mashups of DJ Earworm.” Journal of the Society for American Music. 2023.
  • Lead author, Review of Demystifying Scriabin. Music Theory Online 29, no. 2. 2023.
  • Lead author, “Perceiving the Mosaic: Form in the Mashups of DJ Earworm.” Music Theory Spectrum 43, no. 1: pp. 9-42. 2021.
  • Sole author, “Scriabin’s Transition from Tonality: Chord Functions and Key Relationships” in Mining the Gap: Musics with and after tonality. Routledge Publishing. 2021.
  • Sole author, “(Post-)Tonal Key Relationships in Scriabin’s Late Music,” Music Analysis 36, No. 3. 2017. 
  • Co-author, 2021.Online textbook for KSU Aural Skills courses, which was funded by the USG Textbook Transformation Grant (peer-reviewed) in 2017 with a follow-up enhancement grant in 2021 to add sight-singing materials.                            


  • Co-author, 2020 USG Continuous Improvment Grant for - $5,300
    • Completed a large module of sight-singing excerpts
  • Principal investigator, 2017 USG Transformation Grant for - $10,800
    • Completed a series of dictations and instruction videos for teaching and assessing music transcription


  • Sole winner, 2020 College of the Arts Early Achievement Award - $1,000
  • Top prize, 2018 John C. Salerno Prize for Research Achivement - $1,000
    • The decision was made by an anonymous jury of KSU faculty for the inaugural John C. Salerno Memorial Symposium, a peer-reviewed conference showcasing research across every department at KSU.
  • 2018 Dean's Research/Creative Activity Travel Award - $1,500
    • Spent three weeks in the archives of the Glinka Museum in Moscow, Russia studying the manuscripts and compositional notebooks of Alexander Scriabin with permission of the Russian government.

Conference Presentations