Kristine Kim

Coordinator of Graphic Communications
Associate Professor of Graphic Communications
Advisor of Graphic Design Club

Kristine Kim is a highly accomplished and versatile individual with a strong background in graphic design, research, and education. Her focus on blending design fundamentals with cutting-edge technology like digital publishing and Augmented Reality demonstrates her commitment to staying at the forefront of her field. Winning awards and presenting research at various conferences indicates her contributions to the design community's advancements.

With a Master of Fine Arts in Computer Graphic Design from the Rochester Institute of Technology, Kim possesses a solid academic foundation. Her professional experience, including roles at companies like Kodak, web, advertising, and design consulting firms, adds real-world insights to her teaching and makes her an impactful educator.

Furthermore, Kim's involvement in projects for non-profit organizations and her pro bono work highlight her dedication to social and environmental causes. Her innovative approach to sustainability, creating artwork using recycled materials like used paper, old magazines, and toilet paper rolls, showcases her commitment to addressing environmental challenges through her design skills.

Overall, Kristine Kim appears to be a multi-talented individual who excels in the design world, contributes to academia and research, and actively engages with social and environmental concerns.


Coordinator of Graphic Communications Concentration
Associate Professor / Graphic Communications
Advisor / Graphic Design Club
School of Art and Design
College of The Arts