Kristine Kim

Associate Professor of Graphic Communications Concentration

Coordinator of Graphic Communications
Advisor of Graphic Design Club

Kristine Kim emerges as a dynamic force within the design sphere, blending creativity with technology and a solid commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Her journey is marked by diverse experiences and achievements that underscore her versatility and impact across various domains.

Academically, Kim's attainment of a Master of Fine Arts in Computer Graphic Design from the esteemed Rochester Institute of Technology underscores her dedication to honing her craft and mastering the intersection of design and technology. This solid academic foundation serves as a springboard for her multifaceted career.

In the professional realm, Kim's tenure at reputable companies such as Kodak and her involvement with web, advertising, and design consulting firms reflect her ability to thrive in diverse environments and adapt to evolving industry trends. Her real-world insights from these experiences enrich her teaching, positioning her as an influential educator capable of imparting practical knowledge to future generations of designers.

Kim's commitment to pushing the boundaries of design is evident in her focus on digital publishing and Augmented Reality. This showcases her willingness to embrace emerging technologies and explore innovative avenues within her field. Her penchant for research and presentation at conferences underscores her dedication to continuous learning and highlights her contributions to advancing the design community's collective knowledge.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Kim's involvement in projects for non-profit organizations and her pro bono work underscores her commitment to using her skills to improve society. Her innovative approach to sustainability further distinguishes her, demonstrating a keen awareness of pressing environmental issues and a proactive stance in addressing them through her creative endeavors.

In essence, Kristine Kim embodies the essence of a modern-day design luminary – adept, socially conscious, and continuously pushing the boundaries of her craft. Her multifaceted contributions to design, academia, and social causes testify to her enduring impact on both the professional and societal landscape.


Coordinator of Graphic Communications Concentration
Associate Professor / Graphic Communications
Advisor / Graphic Design Club
School of Art and Design
College of The Arts