Courses taught at KSU/SPSU:

CS 4400 Directed Studies
      (SU 19)

EE 2301 Circuit Analysis I

EE 2501 Digital Logic Design
      (SU13, SU15)

EE 3903 Special Topics - Kinetic Architecture

EE 4400 Directed Study in Electrical Engineering

ENGR 3122 Dynamics

ENGR 3343 Fluid Mechanics
      (FA12, SP13)

ENGR 3345 Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

ENGR 4490 Interdisciplinary Experiential Senior Design I
      (FA 20)

KSU 1101 First-year Seminar

ME 1311 MATLAB for Engineers with Applications

ME 3410 Thermodynamics

ME 4400 Directed Study
      (SU14, SP/SU15)

MTRE 1000 Introduction to Mechatronics Engineering
      (FA13, SP/FA14, SP/FA15, SP/FA16, SP/FA17, SP/FA18, SP19, SP/FA20)

MTRE 2610 Intermediate Programming for Mechatronics
      (FA15, SP/SU/FA16, SP/SU17, FA18)

MTRE 2610 Intermediate Programming for Mechatronics Laboratory

MTRE 3710 Mechatronics Engineering Fundamentals Laboratory

MTRE 4100 Instruments and Controls
      (FA12, SP13, SP/FA14, SP/FA15)

MTRE 4100 Instruments and Controls Laboratory

MTRE 4400 Directed Research - Mechatronics
      (SU16, SP/SU17, SP/SU/FA18, SP/SU/FA19, SP20)

MTRE 4490 Machine Learning for Robot Perception

MTRE 4800 Mechatronics System Design
      (SP/FA19, SP20)

SPSU 1001 Hitchhikers Guide to SPSU
      (FA13, SP/FA14, SP15)

Before coming to KSU (formerly Southern Polytechnic), Dr. McFall taught courses in numerous areas including artificial intelligence, neural networks, fuzzy logic, numerical methods, system dynamics and controls, electronics, heat transfer, statics, strength of materials, engineering design, engineering economics, and intercultural community building (first year experience).