PHYS 1111, Introductory Physics I
PHYS 1112, Introductory Physics II
PHYS 2211, Principles of Physics I
PHYS 2212, Principles of Physics II 
PHYS 3110, Directed Methods
PHYS 3210, Intermediate Mechanics
PHYS 3220, Electromagnetism 
PHYS 4230, Thermal Physics
PHYS 4240, Solid State Physics
PHYS 4400, Glass Science
PHYS 4430, Capstone Physics Project
PHYS 4490, Physics of Materials
PHYS 4901, SpTp-Independent Research
PHYS 5400, Electromagnetism
PHYS 4410K Advanced Measurements Laboratory 
HNRS 4400/01H Honors Thesis: Physics
HNRS 3002 Honors Research: Physics
HNRS 2001/01H Intro to Honors Research: Physics


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