Kei Tomita


Hello, I'm Kei Tomita. I am a Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Interactive Design.

I received my Ph.D. in the Department of Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University-Bloomington.

My research investigates how the visual design of instructional media can enhance people’s cognitive and affective learning experiences.

I research instructional media because of my belief that media can create personalized learning environments for people with diverse instructional needs.

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Featured Research (All of my publications are available at ResearchGate)

  • Tomita, K. (2022). Visual design as a holistic experience: How students’ emotional responses to the visual design of instructional materials are formed. Educational Technology Research and Development, 70(2), 469-502.
  • Tomita, K. (2021). Constraints on instructional media design: How do media developers deal with them? Performance Improvement Quarterly, 34(2), 171-193.
  • Tomita, K. (2018). Does the visual appeal of instructional media affect learners’ motivation toward learning? TechTrends, 62(1), 103-112.