IT 7999 IT Thesis ALG Material

Module 0 - Start Here - Course Orientation


D2L Tutorial

Module 1 - Thesis in a Netshell

This module covers what you need to know about the MS thesis

LM1 Study Guide
What's Master's Thesis
Why doing a Master Thesis
Am I Qualified for MS Thesis
Master's Thesis General Process
Master's Thesis Quality Expectations
Master's Thesis Format Requirement
MS Thesis Policy

Module 2 - Research Methods Part 1

LM2 Study Guide
Research Life Cycle
General Research Sources from KSU Library
Tips for generating research ideas
Guideline for Writing Literature Review
APA Reference Style Tutorial
Citation Management Tools

Module 3 - Research Method Part 2

LM3 Study Guide
Research Method Overview
Design Science Research Method
Survey-based Research Methods
Action Research Method in Information Technology
Qualitative Research in Information Systems

Module 4 - Thesis in works

LM4 Study Guide

Thesis work plan deliverables

Sample MS Thesis

Module 5 - Required Paperworks

This module required paperwork for the thesis.

1. Forms are built as a fillable PDF and Fill them out electronically if possible.

You can electronically sign the forms if you have an Adobe signature.

2. All completed forms should be submitted to graduate college and copy MSIT director Dr. Lei Li

( Don't use D2L email, use your KSU email instead.


In Person: KH 3425 - David Baugher

Campus Mail: MD#0112

3. Please submit the forms by the timeline listed below.