Public Writing/Op-Eds

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It Doesn’t Have to Be the End for US Abortion Rights.” Co-authored with Kelly S. O'Donnell, Ph.D. History Workshop Online (February 3, 2022).

Apologies Alone Won’t Solve Structural Racism: We Need a Reckoning with the Racist Roots of U.S. Medicine,” Op-Ed for Medical Humanities blog (March 5, 2021). Co-authored with Jacqueline Antonovich, Rana Hogarth, Elise Mitchell, Graham Mooney, Ayah Nuriddin, Kylie Smith, Christopher Willoughby, and Alexandre White (March 4, 2021). 

Women Have Always Had Abortions.” The New York Times (December 13, 2019). 

Women Have Fought to Legalize Reproductive Rights for Nearly Two Centuries.” History News Network (June 9, 2019). 

For decades, women on the pill suffered. They didn’t have to.” Co-authored with Samira Mehta, Ph.D. The Washington Post (February 7, 2019).

The Trump administration’s assault on contraception.” Co-authored with Lina-Marilla Murillo, Ph.D. The Washington Post (June 18, 2018). 

A century ago, women fought for access to contraception. The Trump administration threatens to undo their work.The Washington Post (September 15, 2017). 

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