Mahmoud M. Asmar

Mahmoud Asmar

Assistant Professor of Physics  

I am a theoretical physicist who uses diverse analytical and numerical tools to build and explore quantum systems that reveal exciting phenomena in condensed matter physics. My research focuses on periodically driven systems, low-dimensional systems, and topological phases of matter. For periodically driven systems, I focus on controlling electronic and magnetic phenomena in materials via periodic drives, such as light irradiation, in what is known as Floquet engineering. In low dimensional systems, I focus on materials that host exotic low-energy quasiparticles, such as massless Dirac fermions, and study their unusual electronic and spintronic transport properties, aiming at innovative applications to implement these materials. I am also interested in states of matter that cannot be characterized according to the typical paradigm that associates phases of matter with underlying symmetries that are spontaneously broken. These paradigm-shifting states are called topological states of matter. These states of matter are expected to yield new functionalities in spintronics, thermoelectrics, and quantum computing. I search for pristine materials and artificially engineered systems that host these exciting topological states in and out of equilibrium. 


Ohio University                                                                                              Athens, OH

Ph.D. in Physics                                                                                                         2015

    Ph.D. Thesis: Electronic and Spin Transport in Dirac­-like Systems

Birzeit University                                                                               Ramallah, Palestine

  B.S. in Physics and Mathematics (Summa Cum Laude)                             2007

Professional Experience 

The University of Alabama                                                                       Tuscaloosa, AL

  Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Physics and Astronomy        2018 – 2021

Louisiana State University                                                                    Baton Rouge, LA

  Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Physics and Astronomy          2015–2018

Ohio University                                                                                              Athens, OH

  Research Assistant, Department of Physics and Astronomy                   2009–2015

Freie Universität                                                                                     Berlin, Germany

Visiting Researcher, Dahlem Center for Complex Quantum Systems      2013–2014


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