My main teaching responsibilities are for the MS in Applied Statistics and the Minor in Applied Statistics and Data Analysis programs. Syllabi and course notes are available to students on the course websites. Currently, KSU uses the Desire2Learn (d2l) system as its e-Learning platform.

Courses I teach regularly include:

  • STAT 7010 Mathematical Statistics
  • STAT 7100 Statistical Methods
  • STAT 4210/8210 Applied Regression
  • STAT 3010 Computer Applications of Statistics (use of SAS, R, Minitab and Excel)
  • STAT 3130 Statistical Methods II

Courses I have taught in the recent past:

  • MATH 3390 Mathematical Systems
  • MATH 3260 Linear Algebra
  • MATH 7700 Elementary Set Theory
  • MATH 7713 Statistics and Data Analysis