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Selected Peer-Reviewed Article

Dai, M. (2021). Examine the association between smartphone hook-up application uses and sexual health and relationship outcomes among college students. Journal of American College Health.

Dai, M. (2021). Exploring relationships of cognitive complexity, person-centeredness, and communication outcomes in computer-mediated patient-provider communication. Communication Studies, 72(1), 33-51.

Dai, M., & Harrington, N. G. (2021). Intention to behavior: Using the integrative model of behavioral prediction to understand actual control of PrEP uptake among gay men. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 50(4), 1817-1828.

Dai, M., & Harrington, N. G. (2021). Understanding beliefs, intention, and behavior on daily PrEP uptake among MSM in California and New York. AIDS Education and Prevention, 33(2), 129-142.

Dai, M. & Robbins, R. (2021). Exploring the influences of profile perceptions and different pick-up lines on dating outcomes on Tinder: An online experiment. Computers in Human Behavior, 117 (106667).

Chen, T., Dai, M., Xia, S., & Zhou, Y. (2021). Do messages matter? Investigating the combined effects of framing, outcome uncertainty, and number format on COVID-19 vaccination attitudes and intention. Health Communication.

Dai, M., Wombacher, K., Matig, J. J., & Harrington, N. G. (2017). Using the integrative model of behavioral prediction (IMBP) to understand college Students’ hook-up sex beliefs, intentions, and behaviors. Health Communication, 33(9), 1-10.

Current Research Funding

Radow College of Humanities and Social Sciences Scholarship Support Grant, $5,000, Kennesaw State University, 2021. 

OVPR Research/Scholarship Seed Grants, $14,856, Kennesaw State University, 2021. 

College of Humanities and Social Sciences Start-Up Research Fund, $10,600, Kennesaw State University, 2020.