Student Research Projects

Below are research projects for undergraduate students who are interested in High Energy Physics and Particle Theory. There is the opportunity for students to be hired as undregraduate research assistants and being paid from my NSF grant. 

List of Student Research Projects

  1.  Generalization of the algorithm published in Nucl. Phys. B748 (2006) (Authors: A. Cafarella, C. Coriano’, M. Guzzi) to solve DGLAP renormalization group equations for parton evolution in the x-space, to the case of evolution with the photon as a parton in the proton.
  2. Phenomenology of the extra neutral currents (Z’ bosons) at the LHC. Theoretical predictions and determinations of discovery bounds on Z’s from different models.
  3. Exploration of the neutrino sector of the Lagrangian describing D-brane extensions of the Standard Model and study of phenomenological aspects which might be relevant for modern colliders and applications in astrophysics.
  4. Determination of Parton Distribution Functions (PDFs) of the proton with the open source platform ``xFitter’’.

These research projects will expose undergraduate students to both analytical calculations and numerical implementation of algorithms and computer codes in C/C++/Fortran languages. Moreover, students will learn how to use modern tools for Symbolic and numerical calculations that are commonly used in High Energy Physics, such as: Mathematica, FeynCalc, CalcHEP, etc.

Current Students supported by my NSF Grant 

Mr Andrew McEntaggart (GA-Tech, Research Intern at KSU) July 2021 - present

Previous Students

Mr Kener Barrantes (KSU, undergraduate research assistants) Nov. 2020 - Aug . 2021 

Mr Dustin Del Rosario (KSU, undergraduate research assistants)

Mr Andrew McEntaggart (GA-Tech, internship at KSU)

Mr Austen Day (Kennesaw Mountain High School, Internship at KSU)

Mr Alan Palmer (KSU, Directed Methods, Spring 2020)

Mr Taha Keen (KSU, Directed Methods, Spring 2020)

Mr Kener Barrantes (KSU, Directed Methods, Spring 2020)