History 2111 Final Exam Schedule


Final Exam Date and Time:

 11:00 Section: Thursday, May 3rd, 10:30-12:30

  2:00  Section: Thursday, May 3rd, 1:00-3:00

  5:00 Section:  Thursday, May 3rd, 6:00-8:00



      There will be:

          - 20 multiple choice and fill-in-the blank questions worth 3 points each

          - 10 matching questions worth 2 points each

           The above questions will cover material from the last part of the course (material covered AFTER the 2nd exam)

            - One short answer question from the last part of the course (10 points)

            - One short answer question covering the entire course!  Look for large themes that we have discussed.  (10 points)

Please note the date and the time of your exam.   I WILL NOT GIVE MAKE-UP FINALS!  If you miss it, you miss it!