I am very interested in cultural history and cultural memory.  How are historical events remembered, represented, depicted in high and popular culture? That is the question that most fascinates me.  My first two publications represent this interest. 

     Most recently I published “A Past to Make Us Proud: U.S. History According to Disney” in Bowdoin Van Riper Edits Learning From Mickey, Donald and Walt: Essays on Disney’s Edutainment Films. McFarland & Company, Inc.,2011.

   My first publication combined my interest in cultural memory with my on-going study of founding father John Adams.  I was happy to return to the subject of my Master's Thesis in “An Inconvenient Founding Father: Adapting John Adams for Popular Culture.” in  the collected anthology, The Theme of Cultural Adaptation in American History, Literature, and Film: Cases When the Discourse Changed . Edwin Mellen Press, 2009.

Currently, I am re-visiting my dissertation written about the American Revolution in popular culture, 1765-1820.  I hope to concentrate on theater and film while also expanding my coverage to include the 1876 Centennial and the 1976 Bicentennial and beyond.  My goal is to publish a manuscript on this topic in the near future.