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Principle Inverstigator, NSF S-STEM, Grant No. 1930427 ($997,000), "Recruiting, Retaining, Graduating, and Transitioning Undergraduates into Successful Engineering Careers," 2019 - 2027.

Co-Principle Investigator, Complete College Georgia Innovation Grant ($25,000), “Increasing Retention Rates of Mechanical Engineering Students through an Integrated, Collaborative First-Year Course,” 2015. 

Co-Principle Investigator, Strategic Internalization Grant ($14,000), “Establishing International Partnerships for Mechatronics Research and Scholarship,” 2015.

Co-Principle Investigator, NASA CIPAIR, Grant No. NNX10AU74G ($450,000), “Creating Research Excellence in Science, Technology, Mathematics, and Engineering,” 2010-2013.