Mark Patterson, PhD

Professor of Geography and Geospatial Sciencesphoto

Author, Editor, Educator, Homebrewer. As an academic geographer, Mark instills a sense of wanderlust in his students through stories of his travels. A six week backpacking trip through China in the late 1980s has inspired many subsequent trips with colleagues and students. Mark is able to combine his love of travel and beer, with his scholarly activities. What started out as a personal quest to sample local beers where and when he traveled (70+ countries) and lived (US, Canada, Indonesia and Italy), turned into several publications, The Geography of Beer: Regions, Environment, and Societies (2014), Atlas of Beer (2017), The Geography of Beer: Culture and Economics (2020), a course at KSU, and a highly in demand study abroad program. When Mark is not overseas, he is typically at a pub planning his next trip, or working with students in the field. With Dr. Hoalst-Pullen, Mark is one half of the dynamic duo known as The Beer Doctors.