Book manuscript

"Fitness for Freedom: Disability, Degeneration, and Modern Irish Writing." Under review.

Peer-reviewed collaborative journal articles

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Peer-reviewed journal articles

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Book chapters

“Degeneration, Decadence, and Joyce’s Modernist Disability Aesthetics.” Joyce Writing Disability, edited by Jeremy Colangelo, Florida James Joyce Series, UP of Florida, 2022, pp. 131-155. *Reprinted from The Joyce Studies Annual.

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Reviews and reports

Review of The Measure of Manliness: Disability and Masculinity in the Mid-Victorian Novel by Karen Bourrier. Disability Studies Quarterly vol. 35, no. 4, 2015, 

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Selected public scholarship

“‘The Broken’: How Game of Thrones Baited and Betrayed the Disability Community.” Medium, 20 May 2019,

“Engaging Students in Neurodiversity Activism.” Duke University Libraries guest blog, May 2018,

“How Every Issue Is A Disability Justice Issue.” Medium, 11 December 2017,