Tips on Internship & Job Search

Math plays a central role in science, technology, finance, aviation, communications and countless other industries. The question of what can you do with a math degree can actually be flipped to “What can’t you do with a math degree?” since so many of today’s knowledge-based careers require excellence and aptitude in mathematics and quantitative reasoning.

---- The Best Careers for Math Majors in 2018


KSU mathematics major students are encouraged to explore and leverage the resources provided by the university:


Below is a list of websites for students to search a job or internship. Additionally, students should explore the websites of companies in their field to see the availability of internship programs as some companies only post internships on their company websites.

It takes time to develop a skill set and a competitive resume. Students should always plan in advance. Some introductory information on data analytics and python programming can be found here.


Job Search Websites

Use keywords such as “actuarial, mathematics, statistics, statistician, data analyst, applied mathematics, financial analyst, MatLab, etc." on job-search websites such as  

Other Opportunities